Tuesday, 18 July 2017 21:16

Amy Adams Receives The Giffoni Experience Award At Gff 2017: "I Was Looking Forward To Being Here”

Amy Adams literally enchanted the Giffoni Film Festival jurors with many small-great gestures, such as putting her hands in the heart shape, and even succeeded in the mission impossible of leaving them speechless, all entranced in ecstatic silence.

To a girl who had asked some advice on how to navigate her way in the show business she replied: “I’ve never been too good at auditioning, but I learnt that it doesn’t help to brood over or take it personally: all you have to do is move forward and start fresh, without ceasing to study and believe in yourself. Take it from someone who used to be shy… nay is still so.”

While answering a question, she suddenly got a little emotional and, misty-eyed,  explained  “I beg your pardon, but my daughter is sitting in the front- row and has been trying to make me laugh in every possible way. To be honest, I called her Aviana after your amazing country, the place where I was born and I still feel at home. People open the doors of their houses here, they invite you for dinner even if you don’t know them very well, but you don’t feel uncomfortable when accepting. This is the reason why I had been looking forward to coming to Giffoni and I can’t wait to be back soon”.

A juror asked her the criterion she follows when choosing a role: “Now that I am getting older, it’s essential for me to choose stories that can help people and leave a mark”. As for the past roles,  she confessed to have felt particularly involved with her last work, Arrival, where she portrayes an expert semiologist who can talk to the Aliens. One of the jurors thanked her for this film, as it enticed him to choose the same profession as her character. “I couldn’t be happier”, proudly replied the actress. 

Addressing to the audience of jurors, Ms. Adams also wished “people to realize that conflicts are getting us nowhere and that we’d better find a way to communicate with each other. I’m saying that for you, in the interest of the new generations who have just started out in life. I’m so pleased to see you all gathered here at Giffoni, as it looks like a first step in that direction. I put all my hopes on you”. Talking about wishes, she also revealed her own dreams for the future, at least two of them: “I’d like to be in a musical and be directed once more by Patty Jenkins” (director of renowned film Wonder Woman, starring Gal Godot, N.d.R.).

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