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KING DANZA, 1,85 m per 105 kg, was born in 1990. He is an entertainer and multi faceted artist capable of attracting a wide audience.
Since he was 9 has always dreamed about becoming a wrestling pro, the "entertainment sport” which attracts millions of viewers across the globe. Many people may have thought it was an impossible for someone who was born and raised in Salerno, a small Italian city thousands of miles away from the USA, the home of wrestling, but KIng Danza doesn't know the meaning of impossible.
King Danza started training at a very young age opposite international stars like Ultimo Dragon, and when he was 17 he embarked on his first European tour as a professional, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with legendary Ultimate Warrior from the World Wrestling Federation.
After years of hard work and sacrifice his dream came true in 2013 when King landed in the USA, where he worked with House of Hardcore of WWE legend Tommy Dreamer. In the same year he featured in a documentary by his director Patrick Cardinale Jr., “Wrestling with Reality”, about independent wrestling and the incredible story that has brought him to the States. 
Nonetheless in 2015, King Danza achieved his true goal: working for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the most important federation in the world. In 2015, King became the first Italian to sign a contract as an “extra talent” for the company, featuring in the great live pay per view event, the Royal Rumble, competing in Smackdown, one of the WWE weekly TV shows.
Unfortunately an injury forced King Danza to put his wrestling career on hold and focus on his other great passions: acting. Incidentally many wrestlers have made this transition (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson e Dave Bautista, for instance), his huge phisycal and expressive abilities are his business cards. In 2011 King had already featured in the short “Tiger Boy”, by Gabriele Mainetti (“Jeeg They Called Him”), which came second at Giffoni Film Festival 2012 in Generator +13. In 2012, he appeared in the feature “Twice Born”, by Sergio Castellitto. He has also featured in numerous TV shows like Human Take Control and in 2013 Big Brother 13 and Italia's Got Talent.
He has also a passion for Country music and has sung in Memphis at Jerry Lewis' club as well as across Europe.
King Danza has now recovered from his injury and is back on the ring however he is still active as an actor and in 2016 he featured in the TV series “L’ Ispettore Coliandro” by Manetti Bros, for whom he has also appeared in their latest movie, set to hit domestic theatres soon.
King Danza's story is one of great resilience and determination to make his dreams come true despite all the obstacles he has come across as he states: “ When you have a dream, everything else is not enough. Every artist's life is full of frustration and sadness, the secret is to learn to live with it. Living sadness and having the ability to use it to narrate an emotion: on the ring, at the movies, on a stage or with a microphone.

  • Filmography:

    Twice Born, by Sergio Castellitto (2012)
    Tiger Boy, by Gabriele Mainetti (2012) - short film
    Ispettore Coliandro: il ritorno, by Manetti Bros. (2016) - TV Miniseries
    L'asta, by Francesco Inglese (2016) - short film

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