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CLARA ALONSO is an Argentinian actress of Italian ancestry (her great-grandparents were originally from Le Marche). She is 27 years old and has been living in Spain for over a year. Her artistic career began when she was 17 years old in Argentina with the Disney Channel of Latin-America. She participated in various TV programs for teens, including "High School Musical, la selección", "Zapping Zone", "Highway Rodando la Aventura", "Pecezuelos" and the very famous TV series "Violetta", where she co-starred in the role of Angie. After three seasons in this series, she travelled around the world and found herself in Italy, where she filmed two seasons of "Angie e le ricette di Violetta" and the film "Tini, la nueva vida de Violetta". She has a very close relationship with Italy.

In 2015, she participated in the TV program "Notti sul ghiaccio" for Rai 1. Later on, she filmed an Italian webseries "Lontana da me" and the film "Piuma", directed by Roan Johnson, which competed in the Offical Selection of the Venice Film Festival (both of these projects were produced by Italiana Palomar). In 2016 she won first prize in "Dance, Dance, Dance", a program produced by Fox Italia. In 2017 she began to film "Insanelove" in Rome, a film directed by Eitan Pitigliani. She speaks and acts in Spanish, Italian and English. Even though she has studied dance and voice, her great passions are acting, cinema and travelling. She would love to have an international career as an actress. She is very active in the Social Networks where she communicates with all of her fans and followers.

  • Filmography:

    High School Musical: El Desafío, by Jorge Nisco (2008)
    Tini: El gran cambio de Violetta, by Juan Pablo Buscarini (2016)
    Piuma, by Roan Johnson (2016)
    Amore Folle, by Eitan Pitigliani (2017)

    Highway: Rodando la Aventura - TV Series (2010)
    Cuando toca la campana - TV Series (2010)
    Peter Punk - TV Series (2010)
    Violetta - TV Series (2012-2015)
    Angie e le ricette di Violetta - TV Series (2014-2015)

    web series
    Lontana da me
    , by Claudio Di Biagio (2015)

    High School Musical - La selección (Canal 13, 2007)
    Zapping Zone (2007-2011)
    Disney Channel Games (2008)
    Notti sul ghiaccio 3 (Rai 1, 2015) - Contestant
    Dance Dance Dance
     (Fox e Fox Life, 2016) - Contestant

    Tinker Bell (2008)
    Fish Hooks - animated series (2010-2014)

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