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Born in 1994, from an Italian mother, Laura Esquivel made her stage debut when she was 10 in the musical “Peter pan - Todos Podemos Volar”. She then went on to act as a dancer in “Guinzburg And Kids” and appeared in “Showmatch”, in 2007 she landed the main role in the TV show “Il mondo di Patty - La storia più bella (Patito Feo - La historia más linda)” that launched her into stardom in the whole of South America and several European countries.

Since 2009, she has been the lead in the musical inspired by TV show “Il Mondo di Patty - Il Musical Più Bello (Patito Feo - El Musical Más Bonito)”. At 15 Esquivel landed her first role as host in “Esperando a Patito”, on Disney Channel Spain. In 2009 she starred in an Italian TV movie, “Un paradiso per due”, alongside Vanessa Incontrada, Ricky Memphis and Gaston Soffritti . Since 2010 she has been the host - and written the opening sound score - of “Mundo Teen”, aired in Fox for Latin America.

She made her big screen debut in an Italian production, “Natale in Sudafrica” (2010) directed by Neri Parenti, where she played Massimo Ghini's daughter. She has also featured in “Maktub” (2011) where she played the song “Nuestra playa eres tú”. In the Summer of 2012, she started working for Super! (De Agostini channel) hosting two programmes: “Giro Giro Tour con Laura Esquivel”, a girl show traveling the Romagna Region in Italy and "La posta di Laura”, in which she replied to mails from Viewers.

In the same year she launched her first solo album Estaré Contigo. In 2013 she featured in a stage show of the Addams family with a musical nuance. Since September 2013 she has been in Tu Cara Me Suena, Argentinian version of an Italian programme hosted by Carlo Conti “Tale e Quale Show”, winning it. After the huge success of "Giro Giro Tour” and "La posta di Laura”, the two programmes she hosted 2012 on Super!, the Argentinian pop star is back from 5 June everyday at 2:10 pm on the free channel De Agostini Editore protagonist of “Love Divina”. The new Tv series is produced by Televisa, Pol-ka Producciones (the same company producing Violetta and Soy Luna), Federation Kids & Family has been written amongst others by Mario Schajris, author of the “Il Mondo di Patty”.

  • Filmography:

    Peter Pan, Todos podemos volar, Teatro Opera, Argentina (2004)
    Kid's match, Teatro Enrique Carreras, Argentina (2006)
    Patito Feo, La historia más linda en el teatro (2007)
    XX Anniversary of Kennedy Chorus, Argentina (2008)
    Latinoamerican Tour of: Patito Feo (Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Perù, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala El Salvador) (2008)
    Concert of Kennedy Chorus, Argentina (2009)
    Concert for Fuandai, Teatro Maipù Argentina (2009)
    Latinoamerican Tour of: Patito Feo (Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua) (2009)
    Patito in Concierto, Tour in 7 cities, Spain (2010)
    Patito Feo, Tour in 23 cities, Italy (2010)
    Patty, Athens, Greece (2011)
    Los Locos Adams (Addams Family), Argentina (2013)

    Museo de los niños Grupo Clarin, Argentina (2009)
    Mundo Teen, Utilisima TV, Fox, Argentina (2010)
    Esperando a Patito, Hasta siempre patito, We love Patito, Argentina (2010–2011)
    Premios los 40 principales, Spain (2012)
    Giro Giro tour, Italy (2012)
    La posta di Laura, Italy (2012)

    Natale in Sud Africa, by Neri Parenti (2010)
    Maktub, by Paco Arango (2011)

    Guinzburg & Kids, Telefe, Argentina (2003)
    Código Fama Internacional, Televisiva, Mexico (2005)
    Showmatch, by Marcelo Tinelli, Canal 9, Argentina (2005)
    Showmatch, by Marcelo Tinelli, Canal 13, Argentina (2006)
    Patito Feo, Argentina (2007-2008)
    Un paradiso per due, Italy, by Pier Belloni (2009)
    Ballando con le stelle, Italy - talent show (2012)
    Lola, aprendiz de musa, Argentina - TV Series (2012)
    Tu Cara Me Suena, Argentina - TV show (2013-2014-2015)
    Mariposas de Amor - soap opera (2015)
    Divina, está en tu corazón, Argentina - soap opera (2017)

  • Discography:

    Giro Giro Spanish Version
    Giro GiroItalian Version
    Lenguaje Perfecto
    Aquel Amor
    Estarè Contigo


    2004 - Peter Pan, Todos podemos volar, Chorister
    2007 - Patito Feo - La historia más linda, CD1 (Triple platinum)
    2007 - Patito Feo - La historia más linda en el Teatro, CD2 (Quadruple platinum, best-selling album of 2007 in Argentina)
    2008 - Patito Feo - La vida es una fiesta, CD3 (Triple platinum, best-selling album of 2008 in Argentina)
    2008 - Patito Feo - La vida es una fiesta, CD4 (Fan edition)
    2009 - Patito Feo - La gira mas linda
    2009 - Patito Feo - El show mas lindo
    2010 - Mundo Teen - Utilisima, Fox (Co-author and theme song performer)

    2008 - Il mondo di Patty - La storia più bella
    2009 - Il mondo di Patty - La storia più bella... continua
    2010 - Il mondo di Patty - La vita è una festa
    2010 - Il mondo di Patty - La vita è una festa (Fan edition)
    2010 - Il mondo di Patty - Il musical più bello
    2010 - Performer of "Un angolo del cuore" (In Italian)

    2010 - Patito Feo - El musical más Bonito
    2011 - Maktub, Chorister

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