1. The GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL Juridical Form.
The  Giffoni Film Festival was born in 1971 from an idea by the current artistic director Claudio Gubitosi. In 1974 the children  film show became a non profit autonomous Body named International children and youth Film Festival Autonomous Body.

2. Where is the GFF? 
The  GFF is in Giffoni Valle Piana, a small town of about 11 thousand inhabitants in the South of Italy.

3. News in brief on Giffoni Valle Piana and Campania Region
Giffoni Valle Piana is only a few miles away fom the cities of Salerno and Napoli and is in the middle of a very Historical, cultural and traditionally rich area: The Campania region. It is surrounded by  the wonderful scenery of the Amalfi coast and the isles of Capri and Ischia and by thousands year old archeological sites Pompei, Erculaneum and Paestum.

4. Authorities supporting  Giffoni Film Festival
The GFF is sponsored by the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic and by the campania Region, The Ministry of Cultural heritage, the Province of Salerno and the Council of Giffoni Valle Piana. Every year private sponsors give their contribution for the Festival's scores of activities.

5. What is the Giffoni Film Festival's "Mission"?
The main objective of the Festival is promoting the most interesting international film production for children and youth. The GFF aims at actively forming a more aware and conscious audience. At the same time thanks to its various initiatives the GFF is constantly in touch with the same audience. This makes Giffoni a very important and priviliged observatory of all the trends expectations cultural and social developments of the new generations.

6. What are the Festival's social side projects?
The GFF is an important observatory on the world of children and youth therefore it is also committed to improving life conditions of the new geneations. For this reason it takes part in various ways in international and national projects aimed at informing, forming and supporting children and youth.

7. How did the Festival idea develop outside the Regional borders?
The Professional quality of its projects has attracted the attention of  National and International public and private Authorities over the years. The Festival is often  asked  for collaboration for simple cinematographic suggestions but also in the organization of whole  cinema events on a broader scale. The GFF brand has crossed  the Regional but also National borders. In fact today the GFF is a real Cultural Agency producing initiatives all year round exporting its idea and format in Italy and abroad.

8. What attracts Youth and Guests about Giffoni?
The energy  they receive and express; trust and responsibilities they are given; The atmosphere they live in Giffoni which is unique and unforgettable. During the Festival the 2000 jurors see  high quality films, talk about strong and complex themes. FIlms are just the starting point, the best possible way to give them ideas and to stimulate them thanks to the Universal language of cinema.

9. How  has the idea contributed to the development of the area where the GFF is located?
The GFF is a complex project therefore it needs solid basis. The strong bond with the territory in which it is located represents the solid basis of the Festival. The territory has supplied, over the years, the cultural basis and background in which the Festival originated and hence developed. Local Authorities give the GFF essential support, most of the people, men and women, giving life to the project come from the same area. At the same time the GFF, thanks to its initiatives and activities, contributes to the cultural growth of the area. The GFF has always had the goal of becoming a well known brand all over the world a brand closely connected to its territory and therefore capable of promoting the area it comes from across its National borders.

10. Why is the Giffoni Film Festival the world leader in  this sector?
With its 38 annuals, the Giffoni Film Festival is certainly an incredible authoritative example for all the other festivals worldwide. Over the years it has also become an international agency of youth culture especially because of its decision to study, research, anticipate trends and offer valid suggestions to young people. The interest in young  international film authors, the quality  of the films presented and the ability to make so many cultures and countries come together have made Giffoni the unquestionable leader of the children and family sector.

11. What films are selected by the Giffoni Film Festival?
One of the key elements characterising the Giffoni Film Festival is the extraordinary quality of its films. Only films most suitable for the sensitivity of each age group are selected for each competitive section. For the youngest children we tend to select films that give them the opportunity to fly on the wings of their imagination and to enter fantastic fantasy adventures. On the other hand for the more mature ones (12 years on) we tend to select films capable of realistically telling  stories about the uneasiness, troubles, joys and  fantastic emotions only adolescence can supply. The world of youth one can see in the Giffoni films is a real world, at times fantastic but always capable of helping young people to better understand themselves and answer  at least some of the infinite questions they often ask themselves and the world around them.

12. What happens after the Festival?
Beside being a  successful talent scout of young promising directors, the Giffoni Film Festival is a great opportunity for promoting productions within the international cinema  circuit. Thanks to all the activities made in collaboration with Italian schools and students around the world the Giffoni films are viewed all year round.

13. Who are the staff made up of?
The Giffoni staff are made up of a   team  of professionals that work well together, most of whom are under 35 years of age,  were trained and formed within the GFF. Therefore the festival over the years has also come to establish itself  as a training structure where new professionals have been formed. Moreover most professionals come from Giffoni, the area around Giffoni and the Campania Region. This factor is certainly one of the strongest points of the whole Festival structure. Unlike other major events organized by people and staff that do not know the area well gathering together just for that specific period of time, the Giffoni staff live in the town of Giffoni, know all its positive and negative aspects and have developed a close bond with the festival and the whole area.

14. What is the international mission of the GFF?
The  GFF cultural project  founded on the interaction between cinema and youth can be exported in all its essential elements (screenings, meetings, workshop) all over the world. Obviously when the format is exported and moved to a different context changes are brought and made in order to better adjust it to the specific needs of that particular area.

15. The GFF future?
New chalenges face the GFF with the completion of the Cinema Citadel and the Giffoni Multimedia Valley financing. There are lots of new challenges concerning production, education, format, animation and much more. Furthermore there will be a Museum a film library a Campus where students from all over the world will be formed and trained professionally, culturally and learn all the skills they need to know. The future also lies in the scores of new initiatives in Italy and around the world. In Italy relations with training authorities and structures will be  strengthened. Abroad on many levels Giffoni will collaborate with those areas already supported by an existing qualitative cultural offer as well as areas where Films from Giffoni might represent the opportunity to better understand and be aware of the world around them and learn to fly.

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