Giffoni Film Festival Juries

Forty-eight years of passion and commitment to nurture millions of children with beauty and imagination. From the sons and daughters of the country, to teenagers coming from every corner of the world, gathering whole generations under the same suburban sky, that, thanks to an idea, today has become the centre of the youth’s universe. Edition after edition the jury grows as the most passionate, critical and multiethnic: the jury of the Giffoni Film Festival.

For the 2018 edition a massive amount of applications arrived and the Festival tried to make an effort and accept as many as possible; they were sent by parents and children, wishing to be part of Giffoni at least once, wearing that shirt, and finding themselves in that cinema, to connect with a story on the screen, and learn to see the world through a critical eye, ready to debate and talk with those that have very different opinions from us and come from very different walks of life.

This year the jurors will be 5601, a thousand more than 2017, divided into the seven competing sections that are in the contest: : Elements +3 (from age 3 to 6), Elements +6 (from age 6 to 9), Elements +10 (from age 10 to 12), Generator +13 (from age 13 to 16), Generator +16 (from age 16 to 17), Generator +18 (18 years old and older) e Parental Experience/Gex Doc (dedicated to families and filmgoers) to which will be added 500 young people selected for the Masterclass Classic, Talk, Radio, Music e Green.

A giffoner in particular, will have a different role: to wonder among the jurors, as a matter of fact, there will be a robot ready to welcome and engage with the audience. This was something strongly wanted by Giffoni Experience, that has always been an acute observer of the youth aware of the more relevant themes, with a wink and a nod in the direction of artificial intelligence for the year 2018.

To dive into this magical experience will be children coming from 52 different countries of the World: from Azerbaijan to South Korea, from Pakistan to the US, as well as from all over Europe and from Italy, which naturally has a special place in the composition of the Jury.

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