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Available seats: 500 children

Age required All children who have attended grammar school in the year 2017/18 are eligible.

Activities and Chaperones All children participating in the jury will watch short films (among which they shall choose their favourite) and feature films (films of at least 60' that are not eligible for any prize). The children must be chaperoned in the cinema by an adult. The jurors, moreover, will partake in games and workshops. The films are either screened with no dialogue or in the original language with voice over in Italian (an actor reads the script out).

When and where All children will be committed to the Festival activities from July 20 to July 28. The screenings will be held at the Sala Alberto Sordi within the premises of the Cittadella del Cinema (Giffoni Valle Piana) at 7.00 pm. Other activities will be carried out in the evening.

Hospitality is to be taken care of by the participants' families. Please be in touch with the guest office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which will send you a list of the B&Bs and hotels in the area upon request.

Language requested: Italian

Information to register (in Italian) CLICK HERE

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