Giffoni Macedonia

Macedonia has become an essential hub in the Balkans and after the huge success of the second Giffoni Macedonia Youth Film Festival held in Skopje from 8 to 12 October 2014, works are in progress for the third edition. The festival was a real experience with back to back screenings, debates, workshops, concerts, panels and the whole city involvement. The event was a huge press and audience success with over 600 jurors from 10 Countries and many locations: the Millennium Movie Theatre, the MKC youth centre, the National Film Library, University of the Arts, the department of Italianistics. Co-produced together with the Macedonian Film Agency and the Minister of Cultural Heritage of Italy, financed with 2013-2014 Campania Pac funds, the Festival was strongly endorsed by the Macedonian Ministry of Culture brilliantly lead by Elizabeta Kanceska- Milevska, the Director of the Macedonian Film Agency Darko Basheski, the Director of the Macedonian National Film Library. Mimi Giorgoska-Ilievska and the director of MKC Youth Centre, Zlatko Stevkovski. Elena Velichkovska is the artistic director of the Festival and is supported by NGO Giffoni M and by the Macedonian Film Agency. The third edition takes place in October.

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