Giffoni Albania

Giffoni Experience returns to Tirana for a traditional rendev vous: in fact the tenth edition of Giffoni - Albania, is on its way. Many youth from Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Italy have been longing for the event and will share five days of visions, dreams and emotions. 3000 youth aged
fom 13 to 18 will make up a an international jury watching and voting for a selection made up of the best Giffoni Experience films from past editions. After four days in the capital the Festival will move to the cities of Elbasan, Durazzo and Scutari, involving over 6.000 kids. The Festival
includes Masters at the arts Nuversity in Tirana and panels at the Filmamkers association. “Since 2005 - says Niko Ajazi, the Festival coordinator, we have involved over 100.000 youth in many different cities in Albania. We are preparing a special programme for the tenth edition. There will be lots of surprises and youth will experience the unique emotion of Giffoni”.

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