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Aria, 9 year-old, finds herself to live the violent separation of her parents, who do not love her as much as she would like. Aria, pulled back and forth in the conflict between her father and her mother, rejected, pushed away, walks through the city with a striped bag and a black cat, touching the abyss and trying to protect her innocence.

Original Title INCOMPRESA
Italian Title INCOMPRESA
Category Out of competition
Section Parental Control
Tipology Feature Film
Duration 109’
Production Year 2014
Nationality France, Italy
Directed by Asia Argento
Screenplay Asia Argento, Barbara Alberti
Director of photography Nicola Pecorini
Editor Filippo Barbieri
Production Design Eugenia F. Di Napoli
Sound Tullio Morganti
Music Brian Molko, Asia Argento, James Marlon Magas, Gilles Weinzaepflen, Justin Pearson, Luke Henshaw, Gabriel Serbian
Main cast Giulia Salerno (Aria)
Charlotte Gainsbourg (madre/mother)
Gabriel Garko (padre/father)
Carolina Poccioni (Lucrezia)
Anna Lou Castoldi (Donatina)
Alice Pea (Angelica)
Produced by Lorenzo Mieli, Mario Gianani, Eric Heumann, Maurice Kantor

Asia ArgentoAsia Argento

Born 1975, Rome (Italy). Coming from a film-making family, she made her debut as an actress at the age of 9 in the TV miniseries DREAMS AND NEEDS. In 1988 she had her first leading role in ZOO, debut feature film by Cristina Comencini. She has worked with Italian directors such as Nanni Moretti (RED LOB, 1989), Michele Placido (CLOSE FRIENDS, 1992), Carlo Verdone (LET’S NOT KEEP IN TOUCH, 1994), and with her father, Dario Argento (TRAUMA, 1993; THE STENDHAL SYNDROME, 1996; THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, 1998; THE THIRD MOTHER, 2007; DRACULA 3D, 2012). She also worked internationally: QUEEN MARGOT (1994), by Patrice Chéreau; NEW ROSE HOTEL (1998), by Abel Ferrara; XXX (2002), starring Vin Diesel; LAND OF THE DEAD (2005), by George A. Romero; LAST DAYS (2005), by Gus Van Sant; MARIE ANTOINETTE (2006), by Sophia Coppola. In 2000 she wrote and directed her first feature film, SCARLET DIVA, then a second in 2004, THE HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS. MISUNDERSTOOD is her third feature film as a director.


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