JULY 17th


THE JACKAL are a group of young videomakers and filmmakers from the Napoli area. They started making videos for fun and then went on to create a production company that makes videos with millions of followers that go viral. they also make shorts and advertisements on demand. Their work is a combination of web, cinema entertainment and satire. They made a name for themselves from the very beginning, both domestically and abroad, with videos such as Lasciarsi su Facebook/Splitting up on Facebook, where the parody and irony of the ensemble can be appreciated, as well as the ability for writing and the quality of their products. Their webseries Lost in Google, was one of the most popular of 2012 with over 3.300.000 views and won many awards including the Gran Galà of Cinema 2013 and Golden Grall in 2013
It was their first major success: The Jackal's credits include Gli effetti di Gomorra sulla gente, brilliant parody of the first season of Sky's most popular TV show "Gomorra" presented at the 2014 Giffoni Film Festival on Youmedia. They have over 1.500.000 followers on their official Facebook page, 100.000 on Twitter while their Youtube channel can count on over 420.000 users and millions of views, around 50.000.000 on YT only.
In summer 2017 they are back with the great success of the parody Gli effetti di Despacito sulla gente/The effects of Despacito on people which totaled over 16.500.000 views on Facebook after just a month, conquering the Hispanic market. The success was then repeated by the 'sequel' with the participation of singer Luis Fonsi: the second clip alone tallied 8 million views on the ensemble's Facebook and YT official pages in just 10 days.
The Jackal make their cinematic debut with AFMV (Addio Fottuti Musi Verdi), produced by Cattleya and Rai Cinema directed by Francesco Capaldo aka Francesco Ebbasta.

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