JULY 16th


Iginio Straffi is the chairman and CEO of Rainbow, one of the world leader animation studies in the film and entertainment industry He started his career as an author of comics however his great talent was soon recognized abroad where he accepted to take on interesting projects from several international animation leaders. When he came back to Italy in 1995 he founded his own little animation study which he called Rainbow. In little over ten years it turned into a business holding with more than 10 companies dealing with a wide range of productions, from TV to cinema, toys, the internet, multimedia products and even a publishing industry.
Amongst his great successes are Winx Club, now a brand, one of the most popular names in the world of entertainment. Besides Rainbow has also produced Prezzy, Tommy & Oscar, Monster Allergy, Poppixie, Huntik, Mia and me. Furthermore Rainbow has produced four animation features, Il Segreto del Regno Perduto, Magica Avventura, Il Mistero degli Abissi and Gladiatori di Roma and last but not least a theme park near Rome: Rainbow MagicLand.
Staffi loves  new challenges in the field of animation and entertainment which makes him a very brave and innovative businessman.

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