2017 Theme: Into The Magic - 14.22 July

There is never enough magic in this world. That’s a fact, and it goes back to the first stirrings of mankind. Since then we have made a lot of progress but the desire to not settle for what our senses perceive, for the “banal” facts,  that lie in front of our eyes, remains intact. Magic takes us away from the resonances belonging to Our personal history,  and it gives us experiences that are not attributable to what we are used to seeing everyday.
And nothing is more exciting than the discovery of another world, of a possible loophole where imagination and creativity know no limits. Maybe that's why the impressive community of the Giffoni Experience voted for this theme. INTO THE MAGIC.
Inside the magic, all the way down to the heart of this energy with soft edges, withs as many meanings as there are possible worlds that are generated from it. Magic appeals to everyone. It enchants children leaving them openmouthed with amazement. It excites youth who imagine other possible dimensions. It captivates the likes of the ones who are always ready to question their own identity and search for an happiness thath is sometimes hard to find in everyday life. It captures adults, whom thanks to magic mend the broken thread that connects them with their “younger selves”, with the child they were and lost along the way.
Into the magic is also the loud scream that comes from those who aim at experiencing Giffoni, which they believe to be Magic.

Magic for the  short-circuit of generations and distant lands. Magic for the films it offers and that illuminate Worlds that are otherwise invisible, unknown. Magic in the streets and squares of the town (Giffoni Valle Piana) which are filled with shows, laughter, colors and exorbitant emotions. A Magical experience because it is capable of repeating itself every year in such a  similar and, yet,  unexplainable different way.

Well that is… Giffoni 2017! Abracadabra. May the magic begin!


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