logo 1981

Amidst a sea of troubles the GFF takes place regularly and it is time for the French film LA BOUM (THE PARTY) with stunning  Sophie Marceau that is presented as a world premiere in Giffoni. This film will mark with its incredible international success a huge turning point for international cinematography. The film has, in fact,  been thought for an adolescent audience that is now considered differently: Adolescents are no longer considered children but are not adults yet, therefore film production must think of them specifically.

Forty Countries send their films for the pre selection. LUIGI COMENCINI, Italian director is awarded the "nocciola d’oro", while the GFF also tries to discover the hidden talents amongst the locals. Indee the first posters were realized by  maestro Stavolone' in 81 but the author of the 81 and 82 posters is local talent seventeen year old Fausto Giannattasio.

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