Multimedia Valley

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Multimedia Valley: the future of Giffoni Experience

The Multimedia Valley is the natural expansion of the Giffoni Film Festival experience which stretches out to become a comprehensive cultural and artistic centre. The project stems from the need to broaden, develop, reorganize GFF activities. It represents the future of the Picentini area which over the years, especially thanks to the attractiveness of the Film Festival has attracted international attention. The Multimedia Valley will be a cultural point of convergence which is bound to extend the physical and ideal space of the cinema village which was the first stone laid of the whole project.


The history of Multimedia Valley

“The spirit of all that is possible”. In this simple expression that I used at the beginning of this volume lies in a nutshell  the fact that in Giffoni ideas turn into reality. When I used to think about the Cinema Village in the mid 90's I was surrounded by skepticism and people who didn't believe while they smiled. Then it happened. It wasn't easy but we made it. Then fifteen years ago that idea was naturally expanded into turning Giffoni into a Multimedia valley.


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