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The Academy award winner will meet the giffoners and Masterclass jurors

Academy Award winner Gabriele Salvatores returns to Giffoni after 22 years: on Friday 21 July he will be at the 47th Giffoni Film Festival (14-22 July 2017) where he will receive the 2017 Truffaut Award, meet the jurors and Masterclassers.

A much relished return for one of the most appreciated and prominent Italian directors who, after his first visit in 1995, has always kept following and encouraging Giffoni to go ahead with its cultural project and stories addressed to youth. Since the inception Salvatores has never interrupted his experimental journey, taking on new genres and productions.

Since his stage debut in 1972, when he founded the 'Teatro dell'Elfo' directing many avant guard comedies till 1989, and then with his film directing debut in 1983 with “Sogno di una notte d’estate”, Gabriele Salvatores has always showed great interest for different genres and for set details but first and foremost for the psychological insight of his characters.

Psychological insight and focus on details characterized his early works and successes like “Marrakech Express” (1989), “Tumè” (1990) and “Mediterraneo” (1991), the latter was his real international breakthrough winning him the Oscar for Best Foreign Film and three 'David di Donatello' Awards (Best Film, Best Editing, Best Sound score) and a Nastro D’Argento/Silver Ribbon for best director.

His style is a continuous research of genres, means and narrative trajectories: from “I'm Not Scared” (2003) - Golden Globe award for Best Director and a 'David di Donatello' (Giovani) - to “As God Commands” (2008), “Siberian Education" (2013); in “Nirvana” (1997) he combined sci-fi and Italian comedy while with "Italy in a Day" (2014) he made his first documentary an experiment of cinema ensemble where he narrates a day in the life of Italians from their point of view. He took inspiration by a Ridley Scott idea, selecting, out of 44.197 videos, a series of "home-made" films from across the nation editing them in one films which was presented at the 71st Mostra del Cinema di Venezia out of competition.

After reaching the 35 year landmark of his career, Salvatores decided to challenge the topics that he had dealt with for decades in a new way: youth discomfort, masculine friendship marked by frailty, the refusal of the world and society as we know it, the need for escapism, the desire for adventure and beauty in fact gave life to “The Invisible Boy” (2014), whose sequel is being developed. The story mixes various elements from comic myths, like Superman the X-Men, Spider Man and Batman. For the film He garnered a David di Donatello nomination (2015 – David Giovani), won a European Film Awards (2015 - Young Audience Award) and a Golden Ciak Awards (2015). In the second episode of the franchise we will see a grown up Michele (Ludovico Girardello) the lead character alongside his mysterious twin sister Natasha.

Salvatores has had a rich and stimulating career and audiences and jurors alike can't wait to listen and learn more about the professional journey of a man who has never stopped developing and putting himself to the test.

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