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The winning films

Unforgettable, moving, tough: so are the films chosen by the 3600 Giffoni Film Festival jurors to be awarded during this 2015 edition called “Seize the day”. Here is a list of the official Gryphon Awards: best feature film for Elements +6 section is Italian "Grotto" by Micol Pallucca, second best is "The amazing Wiplala" by Dutch Tim Ollehoek; best film for Elements +10 section is Belgian "Labyrinthus" by Douglas Boswell, second best is Danish "The shamer's daughter" by Kenneth Kains; best film for Generator +13 section is German "Sanctuary" by Marc Brummond, second best is Norwegian "Beatles" by Peter Flinth; best film for Generator +16 section is American "All the wilderness" by Michael Johnson, second best is "Standing Tall" by French director Emmanuelle Bercot; as for Generator +18 section, the Gryphon Award goes to "Coin Locker Girl" by Han Jun-Hee, followed by "Gabriel" by American director Lou Howe. Best film for Gex Doc section is Italian "Forever stars" by Mimmo Verdesca, second best is Canadian "All the time in the world" by Suzanne Crocker. French "Captain Fish" by Jogn Banana wins in the short-length films section addressed to +3 jurors; Czec "The wish fish" by Karel Janaj is the best film in the +6 section, whereas German "The present" by Jacob Frey is the second best; American "The red hunter" by Alvaro Ron ranks first in the +10 section and Italian "Two left feet" by Isabella Salvetti ranks second. The winner in the +18 section (animation) is Russian "About a mother" by Dina Velikovskaya, followed at the second place by "My grandfather was a cherry tree" by Olga and Tatiana Polietkova. The winner in the +18 section (fiction) is Italian "Point of view" by Matteo Petrelli, followed by Danish "Lukas & The Aspies" by Anders Gustafsson.

Among the special awards, Italian "The Mods" by Alessandro Portincasa and Antonio Padovan wins "Giotto super Be'be" prize in the +3 section; in the +10 section, French "Birds of passage" by Oliver Ringer wins the Bambino Gesù Hospital Award; in +13 section, Corean "Thread of lies" by Lee Han brings home the award by Cinecircoli Giovanili Socioculturali; in +16, French "Young Tiger" by Cyprien Vial wins the Don Bosco Educational Award, whereas English "The Falling" by Carol Morley wins the British Film Institute Certificate; in +18 section, French "Beach flags" and "Fatima" win the Amnesty International Award. In Gex Doc section, finally, Canadian "All the time in the world" wins the alluminium griffon and the Cial Prize for the environment.

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