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24 Jul
Naya Rivera:"I gave voice to those who have none"
Written by Ufficio Stampa |
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My character gave voice to those who have none. Glee has made young people feel at ease with their way of being”. Long-awaited, public acclaim, tears and songs: their fans spent the night in their sleeping bags one beside the other on 23 July in order to get the best standing places to see Naya Rivera. Gleefoni Day has met fans’ expectation. After the countdown started in the morning of 24 July, the nasty and mean cheerleader of Glee series has inflamed the heart of her fans. Giffoni Film Festival website has been literary invaded and the Meet and Greet Streaming has been visited by 300 thousand users.

 “I thank you for teaching me to be proud of myself. You taught me that my love is as genuine as of anybody else”. A hand up in the audience: to speak is one of the young jurors. That’s not a question but a statement of gratitude towards the Californian actress, whose character in Glee struggles to accept her talent, her love for her best friend and suffers from the inability to confess her homosexuality. “It hasn’t been complicated to play that role” – Naya commented – “between me and Heather Morris (Brittany in the series) there was a kind of playful complicity about that. When the screen players asked us to make it real in the series, we didn’t oppose”. And she continued: “Glee has a special meaning for lots of fans. Thanks to Glee’s characters, they aren’t afraid to show who they are, anymore”.

Then, Naya herself has asked for a moment of silence for Cory Monteith, “and you all know why ”, she answered to a girl who asked her which colleague of the series cast she bonded with the most. “With all of them” – she said. A deep silence at the theatre with 800 people present, broken only by fans’ sobs and crying. After Cory’s death, they were worried that she could cancel her Festival appointment, but fortunately they were wrong. “Coming here I’ve honored the Festival, and so his memory” – she added.

The discussion has focused on the beautiful Naya’s career and dreams: “If I decided to act, I owe all to my mother who is here in the theatre” – she said – “If I can give you a piece of advice guys, don’t’ feel too much under pressure. You still have much time to make the right choices, you must wonder if there’s something you really love”. Referring to the 5th Glee season, she added: “I don’t know what’s going on to happen to Santana. We are in screen players’ hands, however I think that the girl will remain in New York”.

Meanwhile, there are other projects in store for us outside Glee series: “I'm working on a solo album” – Rivera announced – “I would like to let my music reach your hearts. I can’t say more, but I assure that it will amaze you. The sound is that of captivating 90s. In the future, I would like to work with Robin Thicke and especially with Beyoncè”.