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Mario, a modest clerk, returning home, meets Natalia, a young woman who is crying, leaning against the railing of a bridge. Mario tries to comfort her and is fascinated by the...

Out of competition
Comizi d'Amore
Feature Film

A man, his loves, his illusions.

Out of competition
Verso Sud
Short Film

Teddy, Cat, Rabbit, Bird and Piggy-Teddy is going to build something.  They are hammering and  sawing. Suddenly Cat saw himself in the leg! And short after...

Official Competition
Elements +3
Animation, Short Film

At the school for fairies Alfea is celebrating the beginning of a new year when suddenly the party is interrupted by Icy, Darcy e Stormy, the wicked Trix. The Winx, without Bloom,...

Out of competition

A man and a child, coming from too different cultures, meet by accident. Between fear and distrust, they will find themselves bound to each other by a "double knot".

Official Competition
Elements +10
Short Film

Yulia suddenly vanishes out of her kitchen. She finds herself in a closed room with five levers fixed to the wall. By setting them in motion, she starts off a series of absurd...

Out of competition
Shorts of Love
Animation, Short Film

Zarema Muzahoeva, is a Chechen girl destined to become a "black widow", a human bomb. Twice she was about to blow herself up, and twice she stopped before the tragedy. But this...

Out of competition
Documentary, Feature Film

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